Ten Things to Do In Little Havana Miami

Tucked away from the bustle of South Beach and gentrification of other Miami neoghborhoods, Little Havana has become a vibrant home for the city’s thriving Latino community. Cubans began migrating to this neighborhood in the 1950s and was officially named Little Havana a decade later. Now, Miami has a majority Latino community and the Spanish language has become the predominant language in some parts of the city. There is a lot of activity and culture to be a part of in this neighborhood, including these ten ideas.

things to do in little havana

  • The Cuban Quarter: The area begins on Calle Ocho between 17th and 13th. At this center, you will find attractions, such as massive vibrantly painted roosters, various art galleries, and the neighborhood’s Walk of Fame that celebrates famous Cubans like Celia Cruz and Gloria Estefan.
  • Culinary Tours: The Cuban food in Little Havana is out of this world. There are now even organized tours of different venues from fruit stalls to cafes to ice cream vendors. One popular, authentic spot is called El Pub. It serves amazing dishes like bacalao (codfish), a Cuban chorizo hamburger, chilindrón de cordero (lamb stew), and plantain chips.
  • Versailles Cuban Bakery: Start your Little Havana adventure out with delicious scrambled eggs and croquettes. The main attraction is at La Ventanita, the takeaway window where locals like to order their daily café cubano, cortadito con leche evaporada, morning empanadas guava pastries, and sugar cane juice with a little lime.
  • Azucar Ice Cream Company: If your sweet tooth still hasn’t dissolved yet, stop by and order a mantecado, which is a beloved Cuban flavor of vanilla, nutmeg, and cinnamon.
  • Máximo Gómez Park: On a typical afternoon, you will find older men and women come neatly dressed and sprayed with fine perfume to play a competitive game of dominoes in this park. Join in on the banter, while the regulars play their beloved game.
  • Cuba Tobacco Cigar Company: Of course, how can visitors forget about the famous Cuban cigar? Calle Ocho has numerous cigar shops, but one strong recommendation is the Cuba Tobacco Cigar Company that has belonged to the Bello family for five generations.
  • Augstín Gaínza Art Gallery: Take the opportunity to visit the studio of Augustín Gaínza, one of Cuba’s most famous and influential artists. Maybe, visitors may even spot him painting and be able to chat with him.
  • Bay of Pigs Museum: This museum hold a a collection of objects and artifacts surrounding the failed Bay of Pigs invasion of 1961, when a small group of Cuban exiles in Miami were trained by the CIA as part of a covert operation to invade the island and restore US interests.
  • Music and Dancing: You’ll hear music blasting everywhere as you wander through Little Havana. Whether you hear it spilling from cafes or out of car windows, you will be sure to have an earful of son cubano sounds, and maybe even see people dancing to salsa or the merengue. One place to check out is Lily’s Records, as it has the best of Latin music and truly passionate staff.
  • Nightlife: Hoy Como Ayer pours with Cuban spirit until the wee hours of the morning. Dance the night away with locals of Little Havana at this club.

Get to know the sight, sounds, and tastes of Miami’s largest population with a visit to Little Havana, and fall in love with Cuban culture.