A Red Invitation to the heart of SoBe.

hotel in South BeachMiami Beach: the perfect getaway for families, adventurous and passionate couples who are looking forward to rekindle and old flame or just hang out in the windswept beaches. If you are in the mood of discovering or interacting with new experiences, and  specifically when it has to do with hotels, the unavoidable place is the Red South Beach Hotel, an iconic Hotel by Collins Avenue that reminds us the elegance and sophistication of the baroque style. Its walls and furniture have not only behold the guests walking in and out of its doors but satisfied customers who have had the chance to spend a night in one of the most inspiring places in the U.S. Besides the unbeatable shopping this branch of paradise (SoBe) offers plenty of affordable Miami beach hotels, including of course, The Red.

Any attempts to describe this chic Miami Beach hotel would be worthless due to the complexity of decoration, the combination of old yet stylish interiors, the service and the beautiful view that can be seen from some of the rooms. So if you feel like seeing for yourself the inner substance of this post you would have to check out this hotel and make your own decisions. Hanging on its walls you can easily find the Ecstasy of St. Teresa by Bernini or any of Caravaggio’s paintings and even Rembrandt which could be understood as an invitation to spend some time at a classy hotel while emulating the nights of the German Augustusburg Palace.

Chic hotel in South Beach

The Red and the romance month: what an amazing recipe for an unforgettable summer!

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