In our last posts we touched base on how important it is to choose the right hotel for us and our families, but think of a situation where you find yourself in such a great hotel, with outstanding amenities and the distinctive theme you have been looking for, but the only issue is that you are lack of the proper beach outfit. So, how to know whether you are wearing the right beachwear pieces or not? This blog is willing to illustrate Miami Beach hotel customers how to look amazing in such a chic place like Miami Beach.

Boutique hotels in South BeachSoBe’s night life is very well known for its stylish, classy and fun ambiance, therefore every action you make should be according the standards of one of the most exciting places on earth. This is to say that an upbeat city does not have to mean exactly expensive or frivolous, it just means that every time you do something, you do it with passion and the ever-loved commitment to the “avant-garde”. But what exactly does this eminent word mean?

Trendy Hotels SoBeIt means that as far as swimsuits trends is concerned you are always defying the “status quo” and subverting the established order bringing in new concepts in terms of cuts, materials, styles, colors, textures and a number of parameters that became part of the inner circle of society dogmas. For instance, in the last decades women’s preferences on swimsuits migrated from the one piece to the two-piece swimsuits, which indeed set a breaking point in the beach fashion.

From that point on we have become spectators of the births of new concepts such as monokinis and tankinis and other alterations of the regular one piece bathing suit. These alterations of the classic one piece are subject to be worn according the occasion.

  • You’d rather wearing the one piece (doesn’t have to be missy) for the night events; they are ideal to go with a cover up.
  • If you consider yourself an athletic woman whose preferences deal with the sportive sphere you might want to wear a tankini, a one piece or any halter top swimsuit.
  • Avoid the bright colors if the event calls for simplicity and moderation.

If you think you are lack of the appropriate bathing suit try the several places surrounding the affordable South Beach hotels where you would be able to do your shopping. It is easy to find awesome boutiques, however if you do not have the time for strolling around the city you might want to try some online shopping (try swimwear360.com and sunbain.com). Down by Collins Ave, where the Red South Beach hotel is located, there are plenty of good places for complimenting your physical appearance especially in the beach.

As you can see, traveling and holidays are not only about cozy dwelling and fun attractions but they are also about looking good and feeling ok with yourself. Lastly, this post does not intend anything but pointing out the importance of beachwear but if you do want to go for subverting the established order think of a good inspiration: The Red.

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