Baby on Board

SoBe HotelThe scenario of travelers with children happens all the time. Just because you don’t want to leave your children out of the family fun, doesn’t mean you have to stay in a less than desirable hotel. We want the best for ourselves and our children. Luxury for all is the standards of hotels in South Beach. Walking into these hotels is like walking in to a different dimension. The twilight zone of chic meets bold. From large cathedral ceilings and glass bars, to white carpets and five star linens. South Beach hotels also furnish beach towels and chairs for the avid beach body. Free wireless internet and use of laptops available.

SoBe hotel roomsMost people see a chic South Beach hotel as a place that is not for children. With a baby on board you have to take extra time, to make sure all the comforts of home are with you, at least to the best of your ability. Most hotels in south Beach have a crib you can order for sleeping arrangements. Rooms with a modern kitchen for those late night feedings or just because you feel like cooking that night although these hotels provide fine dinning on location. With a baby on board it doesn’t mean Mom and Dad can’t experience the fine decor and art that make some of these south beach hotels famous.

Moms favor the chic South Beach atmosphere more than just a regular hotel. Hotels in South Beach provide pieces of art that are larger than life, bold colors and futuristic furnishings, spacious rooms with serine views of the beach and ocean. I mean come on, Mom deserves a break right? With the amenities and lavish surroundings that are offered by a South Beach Hotel, why would anyone want to go anywhere else? They wouldn’t! That’s why a hotel in South Beach is good for a baby and parents. Just because you have a baby on board doesn’t mean you can’t experience the finer things in life.

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