Top 3 Mexican Restaurants in South Beach (Value!)

When it comes to food South Beach Miami stands out as one of the best destinations in the US to enjoy Cuban cuisine. The city’s close proximity to the island and relative large population of Cuban migrants has allowed restaurants with the island’s food to flourish everywhere, yet there’s another favorite food among locals and travelers everywhere that cannot be forgotten. Mexican food is very present in Miami as well, and there are a few restaurants in South Beach where you can enjoy whatever suits your fancy: from simple tacos and quesadillas to more complicated dishes like Chiles en hogada or Pozole.


We’ve selected our favorite Mexican restaurants in South Beach considering three factors: proximity to our very own Red South Beach, value for price and quality of the food. These are our choices!

Alma Mexicana Restaurant

Particularly popular for their speedy lunchtime delivery service, this inexpensive eatery serves up tasty South of the Border favorites. From steak quesadillas ($8) and super nachos ($10.25) to carnitas tacos ($10) and enchiladas ($12.90) – they’ve got all the Mexican meals plus breakfast. They’re open till 11 pm too, so if in need of a quick bite before going to sleep they’ve got you covered.

  • Address: 1344 Washington Ave, Miami Beach, FL 33139, United States
  • Phone:+1 305-695-0880

Lime Fresh Mexican Grill

It may not be an original, local restaurant that only a selected few know about, but this Mexican chain with restaurants all along the US east coast brings patrons quality food they have eaten elsewhere at reasonable rates. And here’s something you probably didn’t know: the restaurant in South Beach is actually the first one they ever opened. All the salsas are prepared on location and they use the best ingredients available to deliver delicious Mexican food.

Oh Mexico

Oh! Mexico is an authentic Mexican restaurant that has been bringing excellence to Miami Beach since 1997. Guests will find the authenticity of this restaurant from the first taste of fresh Oh! Guacamole to the artisan furniture. Whether indoor or outdoor, a quick getaway to Mexico is always possible at this mid -priced venue smack in the middle of South Beach. Regular menus, kids menus, margarita menus…the restaurant has something for everyone but its tortilla soup and steak tacos are what everyone raves about.



There you go. There are quite a few others in the area that offer good food too without being expensive, but we think these three offer delicious food in a casual environment that you and your party will enjoy. Should you have any questions as to which to pick while staying out our great boutique hotel in South beach make sure you get in touch with our concierge who’ll be happy to point you in the right direction. Buen provecho!