The Best Pastry Shops in South Beach Miami

Fresh bread? Cookies? Croissants? Multi-tiered cakes? The best pastry shops in South Beach have all of these and more. Very few things can match the feeling of getting into a space that is filled with the aroma of dough. The smell of freshly baked bread warms the heart and calms the spirit. The same goes for desserts and pastries like airy croissants and expertly crafted specialty cakes and fruit tarts.

As South Beach’s culinary scene thrives, the city’s pastry, bread, and dessert landscape is gaining momentum and in this post we share the best spots you can visit for a tasty treat.

south beach bakery

True Loaf

Located in Sunset Harbour, True Loaf is one of South Beach’s finest pastry shops. The bakery uses organic flour to prepare croissants, loaves, and muffins making it a hit with the health-conscious folks. Other than baked treats, True Loaf also serves tasty sandwiches from Thursday to Sunday. The oversized croissants are a hit with the visitors and if you find that they are all gone, then you should try the giant cookies offered at the shop. True Loaf is a perfect spot to grab a bite as you take a stroll through the beautiful beach community.

Rosetta Bakery

This Italian bakery is the perfect spot to visit for some tasty Italian pastries. Guests should expect to find lots of Italian pastries that include classic croissants, biscuits, bombolones, and saccottino which is pastry that has been filled with delicious chocolate. Guests can also enjoy gourmet focaccia that’s been topped with mozzarella and veggies. The bakery has a casual Italian vibe and all you have to do is point anything that looks tasty and it will be served to you.

Bachour Bakery

Bachour Bakery is one of Miami’s greatest gifts. Located on Brickwell World Plaza, this bakery offers the culinary talents of two pastry chefs and a full bistro menu that is complemented by lots of pastry offerings. Visitors get to enjoy artistically designed pastries like different croissant varieties, danishes, and brioche. There is also a huge selection of desserts and specialty cakes. All baked treats are prepared in-house daily and many feature seasonal fruits.

Moises Bakery

Moises is a European pastry shop with Hispanic specialties. Guests get to enjoy traditional pastries from Venezuela, Argentina, and Chile as they relax with good coffee, tea, or fresh fruit juices. The shop is open all year long and you can pop in at any time for a taste of heaven. They serve specialty cakes as well and all you have to do is ask and the cake of your dreams will be prepared for you.

Buon Pane Italiano

Buon Pane Italiano serves tasty bread and pastry offerings that will leave you yearning for more. The pastry shop is run by Italian workers who prepare bread the Italian way with nothing other than flour, yeast, and salt so as not to compromise its quality. The bakery is small and cozy to replicate the corner bakeries that are found in Italy. Every bite of pastry from this bakery is a success making it a great spot for breakfast.