A Guide to Brazilian Film Festival 2018 Miami

Culture, cinematic marvels, and a celebration of some of the greatest filmmakers in the industry. From September 14 to 23 come to the 22nd edition of the Brazilian Film Festival to experience all of this and more. This Miami-based festival will showcase short and featured films that exemplify the best of Brazilian cinema, so it is an event you will not want to miss.

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The Brazilian Film Festival is one of the only film festivals that feature exclusively Brazilian content film held outside of Brazil. For the past 22 years it has celebrated Brazil’s unique culture, diversity, and artistic vision. Since this past year has been extremely successful for Brazilian cinema, selecting films for this festival has been immensely challenging since so many showcased high-quality work and artistic vision. From this year’s extraordinary collection, however, eight have been selected for this festival’s competitive screenings.

This edition’s tribute will honor Calos Diegues, one of the world’s most prolific filmmakers. He was one of the founders of Cinema Novo and directed films that were essential to Brazilian cinematography. The festival will be showcasing some of his films at the special screenings in Fort Lauderdale. One of his most successful films, “Bye Bye Brasil,” will be the festival’s closing film.

The eight competitive screenings include, “The Fuzz,” “Loveling,” Running After,” “The Liquid Truth,” “Before I Forget,” “Good Manners,” “Berenice,” and “The Patient.”

In addition to these titles, the festival will also be screening films debating contemporary issues, which were selected in the program “University Series” in partnership with Florida International University.

The screenings begin at 7pm each night, so clear your evening schedule so you can enjoy this week of Brazilian films!