The Cheapest Parking in South Beach Miami

One of the biggest problems one faces while visiting South Beach in Miami or staying at any of its art deco hotels is finding convenient, affordable parking. Sometimes you just aren’t familiar enough with the city to know where you can leave your car and not be worried about it, yet everybody wants to park as close to the beach as possible (obviously!). Let’s start off with two tips you need to know:

1) Parking tickets are usually cheaper than a valet charge (plus the tip, if it’s the case), and you avoid the waiting time.

2) If you park your car at a parking lot, you can pay the total fee on your way out, instead of worrying about feeding the meter every hour or so.

Now, where do you find a parking lot, and just how much is it? Is it expensive? Fortunately, there are some great resources available, if you just know where to look. Here are our favorite three:

cheapest parking south beach miamiBegin by visiting which allows you to see different parking sites and their rates to get an estimate according to the date and time you will need it. It also allows you to know exactly which locations are safer than others for your car- just use the interactive map on this useful website to look for a parking space that is closest to the place you are going to, and then check for the hourly or daily rate. Available too as an app (Android & iPhone) the cheapest parking space in South Beach is just a few clicks away!

Our second recommendation is that you visit the Miami Beach Official Website, which provides a list of parking lots or garage locations (along with the number of parking spaces that the place has) in the area of the city you’re going to be at: North, South, or Middle Beach. Their website provides you with a list of the different parking garages around Miami, as well as the address to each one, proving to be a very useful tool when looking for parking anywhere in town. Here you can find the rates that the parking lots have provided.

cheapest parking south beach Our third and final recommendation is that you visit, which not only offers an online website, but an app too (Android only). You’ll find the different parking lots available as well as the rate for each. ParkMe provides you with the address and phone of the parking lots, as well as reviews left by other costumers and a list of parking specifications such as whether or not credit cards are accepted and hours of operation. In addition, ParkMe actually allows you to reserve the parking spot in the location of your preference, making it way easier! No more worrying about getting to a parking lot only to find it has no more spots left or wasting time looking for a spot.

As you see, Miami does offer a lot of different options for you to park in a safe place where you can easily access your car; the only thing you have to do is some previous research and to choose the one that best fits your needs. There are a lot of different options and prices, from hourly rates to daily ones, depending on your needs. There is no single  cheapest parking in South Beach Miami that has rock bottom rates worth paying as there will be an extra cost to get to the different areas (Miami Beach is a few miles long), but our recommendations will certainly make your day easier.

Are you staying with us?

If you’re a guest of Red South Beach we have a convenient valet parking service at very competitive rates that will keep your car safe while at our boutique hotel in South Beach Miami- we can take care of your car when you drive up to our entrance! This said, if you really want to find the cheapest option available then all you have to do is use the tools we have just provided. We’re all about customer service!