Awesome ideas for a couple’s weekend getaway in Miami

The Best Ways to Spend a Couples Getaway in Miami

Just what you both were looking for, a fantastic plan for couples getaway in Miami. If you were wondering what Miami can offer for a cozy and remarkable journey, lucky for you Miami is one of the best romantic getaways in the US. With so many exciting and fun things to do here in the city or at the beach in company of your life partner, you will not settle for anything less.

What’s great about heading to Miami for a short break is that, besides having plenty of activities to share as a couple, you can truly enjoy the unique architecture, art and creative décor that the city prides. Miami is best experience with someone you love; you can easily stay busy whether you’re here for a week or only a weekend. So if you are looking to spend a unique couples getaway in Miami here we show you some awe-inspiringly ideas and hotspots to make your trip to Miami a romantic one.

Paddle Board at the Beach

Miami owns one of the most awe-inspiring beaches of the United States, visiting Miami and not stepping in its beaches is like going to Vegas and not walking on the Strip (impossible). South Beach is probably the most popular beach in Miami where you can take in a wonderful sun-soaked experience on the white sand in the morning and take a short ride on paddle board through the clear blue seas that same day in the afternoon. Besides having a spectacular ocean view, imagine that you can chill out at the beach among artists and celebrities who come to South Beach to catch some sun. And the sidewalk cafés, designer boutiques, lounge bars and clubs offer an eclectic mix of design to the area. You can grab a city bike and enjoy South Beach; it’s a healthy and fun way to meet the area.

Pamper Each Other on Lincoln Road

Lincoln Road is fun, colorful and offers plenty to do. It is completely suitable for pedestrians, which means that no car, bus, tram or motorbike will distract you from the unique shops, sidewalk restaurants, galleries and shows; all worthy of your attention. The area is glamorous thanks to its iconic design created by Morris Lapidus in the 50’s; in fact you will feel on the set of a Hollywood movie strolling the boutiques of the world’s top designers. Lincoln Road offers a vibrant welcome to tourists and Miamians to enjoy a relaxing walk with attractive architecture, affable street performers and outdoor dining spots designed for people who like to enjoy an exceptional view.

Have a Splash of Art Deco in Ocean Drive

If your love likes to break rules like an artist, Miami owns beautiful neighborhoods with mind-boggling art that will take you to the past; to the 40’s to be exact. Ocean Drive is one of the most popular boulevards in Miami where tall palm trees and vintage buildings predominate; the area encapsulates everything that describes Miami – sculpted bodies skating along the promenade, idyllic beaches, tropical cocktails, Latin music on the background. Impossible to take the area for granted.

Dirty Dancing in Little Havana

Imagine being in two different countries in one day, is it possible? Well oh well; in Miami everything’s possible. Visit Little Havana and have a taste of Cuba, the neighborhood brings to you the vibrant energy that Cubans are distinguished for, plus the food mmm.. It’s out of this world. Here, you’ll find many restaurants and shops that are replicas of the real Havana in Cuba.