The Best Craft Beer Bars in Miami

The craft beer scene is starting to emerge in cocktail land of Florida, and the city of Miami has some of the best spots for it. From importing some of the best bottled beers from around the world to creating some of its own local craft beer flavors, Miami has a number of different breweries for a round or two.

best craft beer bars miami

  • Abbey Brewing Company: Abbey Brewing Company is a converted hole-in-the-wall bar that is now a turned-microbrewery. While it offers rare European imports as well as several own-made beers, it hasn’t lost its original dive-bar soul in the conversion process.
  • Boxelder: Boxelder is part market and part taproom, so it makes the perfect place to make your ideal six-pack from an assortment of 150-plus bottles.
  • The Butcher Shop Beer Garden and Grill: The Butcher Shop is known as the place to find big beers. Even if a hefty pint just won’t do the trick, try the popular beer tower, which dispenses up to three liters of fine craft varieties.
  • Hofbraü Beer Hall: For those seeking signature German lagers, check out this Lincoln Road café that sells brews imported from Munich, wheat and dark. And of course, like any proper German lager, it will be served in massive steins. Just be aware, the brewery is not actually a beer hall!
  • Kush: Kush is an eco-friendly, art-filled gastropub that has a large wine and eclectic craft beer list in addition just as delicious food.
  • The Mighty: The Mighty takes the classic concept of a neighborhood bar and adds a contemporary spin to it with premium craft beers and its Signature sausages.
  • Local Craft Food & Drink: This prime spot is located in Coral Gables, a Miami neighborhood that has its fair share of bars. With its 18 taps and more than 20 different bottles and cans that change seasonally, Local has definitely risen to a neighborhood go-to for craft beer enthusiasts.
  • Lou’s Beer Garden: This North Beach gastropub has a phenomenal beer menu that offers more than two-dozen bottle and draught options with a special focus on American microbrews. But like any great gastropub, you can’t forget the delicious grub that you find at some of South Beach’s best restaurants.
  • The Room: This cozy, laidback nook is a small, candlelit beer-and wine-only bar where it’s quiet enough to have an audible conversation with indie and retro musical vibes playing in the background.
  • Tap 79 Brews and Burgers: Chef and owner Alfredo Patino brings some eccentricity to his offerings, such as extremes like spicy (ex. Aviator Brewing Company’s Devil’s Tramping Ground Tripel) and sweet flavors (ex. Leffe Blonde). Its rotating draft selection features three local breweries and five craft brews from around the country like from Kona Brewing Co., Mad Anthony Brewing Co. and other well-known breweries.

Join in Miami’s growing brewery scene and take a break from the usual cocktail!