Enjoy a Sunny December Getaway in Miami

If you are seeking for a sunny December getaway, escape to Miami. There is no reason to always relate “chilly season” or “cuddling socks” when the December holidays are getting closer. What if this time of the year you escape from the biting cold, the windy weather, you take off those layers to enjoy a warm and sunny December getaway in Miami, walking around in short sleeves and your bathing suit. Wouldn’t it be a great story to tell on December?

Come to Miami during the season, winter brings out the best in Miami Beach where you’ll be able to find a subtropical adventure in the waterfront; it is alike as if you plan a visit in summer but with a great deal in their prices, plus the ocean water is very comfortable all year-round. What’s great about visiting Miami is that the environment fits any reason why you decided to visit, whether just to relax and sightseeing or enjoy the best of Miami day and night vibe, you will find entertainment 24/7.

Your stay at Red South Beach Hotel will consist in enjoying a cocktail on the poolside; having a nice dinner in one of the hottest spots, Barok, and appreciating an exceptional view of South Beach from the comfort of your room.

So if you are in the mood to take a stroll  around Miami and just relax you can do it with no hesitation and visit the most visited and famous waterfronts such as South Beach, a long seaside of white sand and crystal clear, calm waters where you may lay back and sunbathe… Yes, it is possible to enjoy this kind of vacations in December. You can also find spas and salons to pamper and soothe yourself for a day.

While others will struggle to take off that pale skin tone in tanning beds and have to hibernate during the season, you will be able to show off your natural, glowing peach skin tone thanks to the incredible sunlight that Miami offers during December. People will ask when you get back – “Where did you get that amazing tanning… and on this time of the year?” You won’t regret your December getaway in Miami.

Perhaps you are looking for a vibrant getaway where you can experience the adrenaline, the non-stop nightlife, the good life on the deck of a luxurious yacht and hit the ultra-chic hotspots. You can find these great options in Miami and you can enjoy them during your stay in South Beach, Miami.  SoBe has plenty of choices to do, where everybody just has a good time, and as the song says “No shoes, no shirt, and you still get serviced”. The environment at the beach is so easygoing as long as you bring the correct attitude, people won’t judge you since the area has a cultural diversity like nowhere else in Florida.

If you are planning a visit to Miami for Christmas, you’re doing an excellent choice because you are guaranteed to spend a lovely getaway while you keep the holiday spirit alive in company of your partner. During the day you can enjoy the beach, rent a bike and visit Lincoln Road Mall for some Christmas shopping. The city dresses up with lights, the art deco buildings are enlightened in Christmas colors and there is the chance that you will bump into a Santa wearing a Hawaiian shirt resting in a hammock, but that’s the phenomenal of heading south to Miami Beach. There is no other place where you will watch such incredible view of the North Atlantic Ocean.

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