Sir, Express Vacations to Go Please!

Chances are that as far as you know, your express vacations often involve thinking about work, tasks that require solving a problem, getting some lunch with your coworkers, and going back home to keep replying to emails. Bah! Apparently your brain can’t catch a real break, I mean, a mental unplug from the ordinary work-life you have got probably since you ended college.

Let’s understand the concept ‘vacation’. The vacation is seen as an opportunity to take a break from our ordinary days, as an excuse to be close to our family, or simply to enjoy our relationship and spice things up by living one-of-a-kind experiences. Being able to leave home and live unique adventures in your dreamed destination has no comparison than to spend that saved money on material things.

People often travel around the world looking to take back with them special moments to be forever remembered, and of course, to get back and talk about their experiences with friends. You’ve probably given yourself an express vacation to common spots without leaving the country like Las Vegas, New York, San Francisco, or probably decided to jump to the other side and planned a trip to the wonderful beaches of Cancun; yes, all great places to spend a ‘magnifique’ vacation; however, let’s face it, they are all ‘safe’ places to visit; what I mean, they all offer a great getaway but the same story to everybody, being that once you get back from your unique escape you will find out a friend of yours already knew what you were talking about because he went there 2 years ago and your whole “so it all started..” has no special ending. Admit it, it bums you.

A shout out for honeymooners and curious adventurers! If you find yourself looking for a destination for express vacationsit’s worth seeking for a unique place that can only give you singular experiences. Probably for you as for me, vacation is not an occasion that presents itself very often during the year; so you better make the most out of it, right? I know a destination. Two words: South Beach.

Yes Please!

South Beach Miami is hot all year round, for that you can be completely sure, and when I say ‘hot’ I’m totally referring to the unique attitude and its trendy things to do at day and night. As many enthusiasts of the city have said “South Beach has its own life”, from 6th Street to 23rd Street the environment literally transports you to the very essence of Miami in the early 40s, still, thanks to the tropical and maritime influences SoBe streets and buildings acquired the Tropical Deco, a style characterized by the use of pastel colors, floral ornaments and water designs reminiscent of the transatlantic ships. So chic!

SoBe’s wonderfully clear and warm beaches are an excuse to spend the morning tanning while watching a parade of imposing yachts passing by the coast. This doesn’t get old. And if you want to enjoy a much inspiring and romantic view, plus catch the stares of anyone who is near the beach, you must take a ride overseas in a huge yacht, sailing just for you.

If you’re more in the mood to explore the local side of South Beach then feel free to take a bike ride along its beautiful streets, visit the Art Deco District where undoubtedly you will have the feeling that you just entered into a time machine transporting you to an earlier time in Florida; their buildings are mostly made with hand-crafted decoration. Ah-mazing!

Probably you may listen from people you know that Lincoln Road is a must when visiting Miami, well yes, in fact it is because you will see the best in fashion, architecture, art and design. However, if you would like to make your visit a bit less average, then you should visit some other top rated attractions that do not particularly involves hitting the club at night and visiting the hottest shopping malls; places that can leave a very exceptional trademark, such as the Espanola Way, with Spanish colonial architecture and chandeliers in the pleasant pedestrian street with European style, Little Havana, the Cuban district of Miami, basically a replica of the real Havana in Cuba, which is impressive, and Calle Ocho, right in the heart of Little Havana.

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