Healthy Travel Snacks You Can Eat Anywhere

When traveling to new places, you likely will want to try new foods when you get to your destination. However, before you get there, you will want to bring healthy snacks for the journey. Without snacks, you will be very hungry by the time you reach your destination and as a result, you may end up making unhealthy eating choices. Snacking also makes you less irritable when traveling and this is why you need to make sure you carry enough snacks with you when traveling. There are few nutritious snacking options at most airports and convenience stores. To help you make healthy choices when traveling, here are some healthy travel snacks you can take anywhere.

healthy travel snacks

Dried Fruits (Apple chips, banana chips, coconut chips)

Real fruits are the better option but they will make a mess inside your luggage. Real fruits also don’t pass border-crossing inspections and this is why dried fruits pass as the ideal travel snacks. You can slice and dry the fruits yourself or purchase them at a store. When buying from a store, check the ingredients carefully to ensure they don’t contain added sugars.

Trail Mix

You can purchase trail mix or prepare your own for the ultimate travel snack. Mix dried cherries, walnuts, dark chocolate, almonds, and sunflower seeds to create a healthy trail mix for your travels. The combination is super filling and satisfies your sweet tooth as well. Pack the trail mix in snack-sized bags for portability and portion control as they have plenty of calories


Popcorn is a low-carb snacking option that is perfect for your travels. It is full of fiber and complex carbs that serve as a source of energy when traveling. When buying popcorn at the store, make sure that it is not prepared with anything other than salt and oil to ensure you are not consuming any harmful chemicals. Alternatively, you can prepare them at home with olive oil and some salt.

Beef jerky

This traveling snack contains a lot of protein and will help satisfy your hunger. Don’t, however, buy your beef jerky from the gas station stores as these are full of preservatives. You should instead buy organic and grass-fed beef jerky from your local food store.

Protein bars

Protein bars are great travel snacks but you need to be careful with your choices. Some protein bars are full of harmful sugars, additives, and preservatives you need to avoid . Instead, buy protein bars made of natural ingredients that supply your body with the nutrients it needs.

Carrots & Grapes

When traveling, some people find themselves eating a lot because they are bored. To avoid eating unhealthy snacks when boredom creeps in, carrots and grapes are some of the healthy and travel-friendly snacks you can eat.

Carrots and grapes are rich in vitamins that the body needs. Grapes, however, have a lot of sugar so don’t take too many of them.

Peanut Butter Sandwich

A peanut butter sandwich is another healthy travel snack you can take anywhere. This snack provides you with proteins, fats, and healthy complex carbs.

It is also easy to make as all you have to do is spread some peanut butter on wheat bread. Add banana slices to spice things up.