And boy are there some great choices in order to pick from. Now when it comes to planning the honeymoon one has to put as much effort into it as he or she did with the wedding day.
And when one makes his or her plans they need to make sure that they are planning the right time to go. And the right time to go is not during the peak times. This a novice move that many make when planning their honeymoon trips. And another novice move is that they assume the best places to stay at are hotels like the Ritz or the Sheraton hotels. This a such a rookie move. See hotels like these not only cost a fortune, but they are so greatly overestimated.

When booking your honeymoon a person wants to feel that southern chic and yet have a hint of art deco with it. Here is a hint, why not travel to some place like Miami. That way one gets the best of both worlds and they are not staying in some over the top grossly overrated hotel.

A couple of really fine choices to make are the following
1) Red South Beach hotel
2) South beach boutique hotel
3) South beach chic hotel

Honeymoon Hotel MiamiAny south beach hotels or Miami beach hotel will do, but these three are the best.
The red south beach hotel is drenched in rich colors of red and white. So many warm colors that it will feel as if a little bit of Spain has been brought inside. The south beach boutique hotel and the south beach chic hotel offer the same kind of warmth and decadence. See one doesn’t need to stay at an extravagant hotel in order to feel the old world style of Spain and the style that originates from there.

Some of the south beach hotels or any other Miami beach hotel will also give the old world style and the history. The history of Rome and the seclusion of the Islands. Many of these hotels have romance in mind, so that is the way in which they are built. And an added benefit is that these three hotels also offer the world of Vegas and all that comes with it, without having to go there.

This may be the last time that some individuals have the chance to visit the luxury of this, so it’s better to enjoy it now.


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