Is Miami the Best Destination to a Romantic Getaway?

Our answer would be: Absolutely. You are guaranteed that Miami can be the perfect weekend getaway, plus a romantic experience you’ve been cherishing for a while. Apart from owning one of the best views and a tropical climate one can die for, the city is up for activities that can allow you and your sweetheart to spice things up the way you are expecting to! I can assure that if you choose Miami as your romantic getaway you will never run out of reasons to have an incredible time. Head south for a couple of days and find out why it never ceases to amaze us!

Romantic Getaway

We understand that life as a couple may bring several issues over time, whether you find yourself stuck in the routine, or facing with miscommunication altering coexistence, a romantic getaway to Miami might work better than couple’s therapy. If you feel that you need a beat of excitement in this moment of your life, the nightlife and entertainment that  Miami Beach offers to visitors is mainly the biggest draw. No doubt. However, there are other activities and places to visit if you are seeking for relaxation, affordable fine dining and spending the day visiting historical streets.

Romantic Getaway

Although there are some people who have strong beliefs that planning a visit to Miami must be thought twice before packing your things and just leave (I’m starting to believe there is some sort of community who gathers to spread the hate towards this incredibly sunny side of Florida), to be honest with you, those people constantly complaining about the city seemed to be running out of reasons to make you believe Miami has nothing to offer.  They can’t be any further from being right.

Where to stay in SoBe

Chances are that the whole search to pick up the best destination to a romantic getaway hasn’t let you think of where you are going to stay; for some travelers, the accommodation becomes the standing point for an exceptional vacation; there is no need to argue here, because indeed we can agree that unbelievable experiences start inside the best hotels. This is why it is safe to say that Red South Beach Hotel is able to give you an incomparable stay any day of the year. The location of the hotel plays an important role within the great experience you are about to live together since it is located in the heart of SoBe, the perks of having a combination of sun, a local feeling and a chic hotel to stay can become a nonstop fascination. Plus, our accommodations are built to convey a hassle-free environment for every guest yet giving them the privacy they deserve to turn their weekend vacation into a romantic escape they won’t ever forget.

Where to dine in SoBe

Look no further; for starters, we assume that you’re going to feel a little jetlag from the flight to Miami, for which we have the perfect spot to relax and have a drink while you wait for the staff of Red South Beach Hotel to accommodate your belongings at your room – Barok.

Barok is a chic modern restaurant/bar; part of Red South Beach that stands out in SoBe to be one of the hottest spots of the area because it has a strong influence of the mixology practiced around the world in order to offer the most renowned cocktails with a unique Miamian touch. And the food…..Wow.


Welcome to Miami!!

All you need to worry about is decide between taking with you the blue marine Bermuda or the camel shorts…(Don’t forget your bathing suite!) the rest leave it to Red South Beach Hotel Miami.