What to Do in Miami Beach in June 2018

Movies, mind-bending magic and motorbikes? Welcome to June in Miami! Watch out though, because this month, the legendary David Blaine will be hitting town to melt your brain and question reality. Plus, we’ve got the American Black Film Festival coming up, not to mention one of Florida’s best motorcycle races.

motorcycle racing

Out in the Tropics

This eclectic performing arts festival began in late May, and will continue through until June 24. It’s an intriguing mix of drama, politics and sexuality always makes for a thought-provoking experience. The festival will be putting on various events across Miami throughout the month, though you never quite know what to expect. If you haven’t dipped your toes in this ocean of cutting edge drama, do so in June. Find out more here.

City Theater’s Summer Shorts

Now into its 22nd season, the City Theater’s summer shorts are always a blast. For anyone yet to partake, these short plays tend to run for around 10 minutes, delivering punchy performances that make a big impact in a short period of time. Tickets tend to start around $39, with shows running from June 1-30. Find out more here.

Motorcycle Road Racing Championship Cup Series

Ready to get some adrenaline pumping? Make your way over to the Homestead Miami Speedway on June 2-3 for one of Florida’s most exciting motor sports events. It’s always got a great, family friendly atmosphere, and promises a fun day out for everyone. More details can be found here.

David Blaine Live

Have you ever questioned reality? What is real, anyway? One thing that’s most definitely very real is the sense of existential uncertainly you’ll feel walking out of David Blaine’s upcoming live show in Miami on June 8. Tickets start at just $29, which is a bit of a steal given that Blaine is widely considered one of the best performing magicians in the world today. Just, go here and buy tickets.

The American Black Film Festival

From June 13-17, South Beach will host a five day celebration of the Black experience. The American Black Film Festival is all about promoting work by African Americans. This is arguably the country’s largest gathering of African American film and television enthusiasts. Various events will be taking place throughout the week at events in South Beach. Visit the official website for more information, including prices and special events.

Redland Summer Fruit Festival

Summertime in Florida is synonymous with fresh fruit and sunny days. So what better way to soak up summer than at the Redland Summer Fruit Festival? From June 23-4, this festival will be bringing you some of the sweetest produce of the sunshine state. Get all the details here.