The Origin of Miami Beach

This last March 26 the  Miami Beach turned 101 years old. Can you believe that? 101 years ago, on March 26, 1915, Miami Beach officially became the Town of Miami Beach, thanks to Collins Lummus and Fisher consolidate, as well as  numerous citizens, of course. It was then that J.N. Lummus was elected by the voters of the Island and becomes the first mayor. Two years later, in 1917, Miami Beach received the title of city instead of town. And thus, the City of Miami Beach was born.

origin miami beach

However, this is not to say, in the least, that this is where the story of Miami Beach started. Way before that, back in 1513, the real history began, when Spanish explorer Juan Ponce de León made landfall in the vicinity of Melbourne, Florida. It was around this time that the Hispanic presence now so popular in Miami, really began. Now, practically all countries in Latin America and Spain have citizens living in South Florida, making up to 59% of the entire population, which translates into over a million people.

A lot of things have happened in all these years that have shaped and created the Miami we now know; unique architecture, celebrities, the mixed culture, epic hotels, and although there have been rough times of crime, corruption, the Great Miami Hurricane in 1926 which ended in 113 deaths,  racism… Miami continues to stand tall and shine above it all.

In 1916, the Lummus brothers, without whom Miami probably wouldn’t have become a town- or at least it would have taken way longer- decided to offer free lots to all of those who promised to build homes on their land, and it is in this very same year that the famous Lincoln Hotel first opened its door thanks to Fisher consolidate right at the corner of Washington Avenue and Lincoln Road.

However, it wasn’t until 1920 that the Miami Beach land boom begun, with millionaires such as J.C. Penney, Harvery Firestone, Albert Champion and many others started building their mansions on the stretch of Collins Avenue that came to be known as “Millionaires’ Row”.

By 1925 the local population had increased more than 10 times! With only 600 people in 1920, the City of Miami had already 15,000 citizens by 1925.

In 2014, Miami, along with Manhattan, was one of the two North American cities listed among the “10 most important global cities to the world’s wealthy”, beating Paris, Beijing, and Dubai!

Miami is a beautiful place full with history and stories, with more cultures than most cities in the USA, but at only 100 years old, it is still young and only just starting. From a neglected corner of South Florida into a renowned luxury destination, now, more than ever, Miami is a great place to be, and you can enjoy it all while staying at your chic home away from home Red South Beach Hotel!