Passion, Sin, Blood or Courage?

luxury hotels MiamiThe color red evokes strong reactions from most people. It is a bold color that stimulates a faster heartbeat. It gets noticed and for the adventuresome individual who embraces passion and courage they will be drawn to the energy and power that this crimson emotion generator evokes.

There is a luxury hotel in Miami that has taken the color red to a new level. Partnered together with classic and classy white and accents of gold and natural wood, the visitor is drawn into the dynamic power that this color rich combination exudes.

This hotel is the perfect honeymoon getaway for the couple who want to escape the mundane to the visual adventures that this hotel provides for its guests. They are allowed to bring their pet along since this is one of the few pet friendly hotels in Florida. Free Wi-Fi and a fabulous pool area where the guests can also elect to have their room next to the pool allow them to go swimming whenever they wish.

The color red is allowed to work its magic on the hotel in South Beach guests. It is used as an effective accent color to accompany large format classic reproductions of paintings by the Masters. It is used on a wall to create depth to a room. It is used as accent pieces such as pillows, lamp bases and the odd drawer in an otherwise white piece of furniture. Everywhere the eye rests the color red will stimulate and stir.

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This chic South Beach hotel is more than a hotel. It is a multi-dimensional experience that reflects the passionate moments of the human condition such as sin, blood, courage and passion. The guest can contemplate these evocative themes while sipping a vibrantly delicious cocktail in the crystalline refuge that the bar provides.

Fine dining is also provided around the pool area so that the soothing effects of water help to create a balance with heated passion. The white foundation of the walls, ceilings, and floors allows the guests themselves to become the subjects of the three dimensional paintings that are automatically generated once they set foot in the dining area.

The hotel provides quiet sanctuaries for the honeymooning couple to spend their special time together. Removed from the noise and frenetic energy of the outside world, they can focus on a stress free experience at this hotel in South Beach.

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