Renting a Convertible in South Beach: The Good, the Bad and Where

The most convenient mean of transport when visiting Miami, Florida is an automobile. Period.. Having a car allows you independence and convenience that other means of transport do not. However, when you get here by plane or boat, or for some other reason you do not have a car and need to rent one, which one is the best option? When thinking of beaches, sunsets, and Florida, one of the first cars that pop into your mind are convertibles. They are stylish, sexy, fun… exciting. But, what are the pros and the cons of renting a convertible while in Florida? And where can you get one?

The Good

A convertible allows you to enjoy the beautiful scenic drives along the coast of Florida from your car, as well as the incredible tropical plant life within Miami, and the breeze of the beaches at South Beach. There’s no better way to cruise the city and the intracoastal than with the top down and the breeze on your face. Another plus side of a convertible is that Miami is always hot! Having the top down allows you to soak up the wind and sun of the city. Too hot for comfort? Sun glare too strong? Rainy day? Pop the top back up again and turn the AC on.

renting convertible south beach

The Bad

Yet convertibles, as everything, have their down-side. First of all, most of the convertibles you can rent in South Beach  have a small trunk (if any at all), so you won’t be able to carry your luggage around, which is fine if you plan on leaving everything at the hotel- but otherwise it might represent a problem. Convertibles are not the way to go when traveling across the state and sightseeing with family- you are usually limited in space with just two seats (and if you have two back seats they are not comfortable). A convertible is usually less safe than a normal car, as it lacks the general structural rigidity a regular car has; a car with an immobile roof provides stronger protection and gives additional strength to the body in case of a crash. When using a convertible you have less break-in protection than with a regular car, as it is easily accessed by smugglers, even if you leave the roof pulled up. And, lastly, convertibles are pricier than immobile-roofed cars.

So, is it really worth it? At the end of the day, the decision is yours. Convertibles are fun and exciting cars for some, but may not the best option for you. It depends on the kind of trip you are doing and what you will be needing and doing during said trip. Are you traveling with family, planning on visiting attractions outside South Beach and are concerned about safety and gas mileage? Rent a sedan. If, however, you’re in Miami to enjoy the night life, to see and be seen, and to party like a rock star then a convertible is just what you need.

Where to Rent Convertibles in South Beach

If you decide that renting a convertible in South Beach is what you want, all major car rental agencies in South Beach as  Royal Rent-a-Car, E-Z Rent a Car, SIXT, Thrifty or Enterprise can get you convertibles like a Ford Mustang or a Camaro and the sort that will set you back around 100 USD/ day. But if you it’s a high end convertible you’re after you’ll have to reach to more specialized dealers. Some of the most popular ones include ( Lamborghini, Ferrari at around 2,500 USD/ day),  (Ferrari, Porsche, Corvette), (Audi, Bentley, Ferrari, Lamborghini) and

Need Help?

At Red South Beach boutique hotel Miami we can be practical… or we can be sexy and stylish (in fact we’re always sexy- can’t you tell?)! If unsure about what car to rent, or think that a last minute decision is your best bet we’re here to help. Give us a call if you’d like some answers now or speak with our concierge during your visit and we’ll make sure you get the car you need…and want!