Ready for an Adrenaline Rush? Where to Skydive in Miami

Want an unparalleled thrill? Want to feel the wind rushing against your body as you descend from the warm Miami sky? If skydiving has been on your bucket list for some time now, then check out our recommendations for the top three places to skydive in Miami.

skydiving miami

The Miami Skydiving Center is ready to give you a major adrenaline pump. To commence this experience, start by making your reservation online. On your scheduled skydiving day, the center requires you to take an in-person class, which will usually contain four to six other skydivers, and will give you 30 minutes of pre-flight instruction. Then your instructor will help you gear up and safely board the plan. You will then take flight and once you are two miles above the ground you will hear the fateful words: “Ready, set, GO!” Do not forget to smile for your 120mph, 40 second freefall video. But don’t fret — you will be harnessed to a certified skydiver who will be with you throughout the duration of your journey. However, if you are certified (or wish to get certified through the Accelerated Freefall Program), you can go on a solo dive. Advanced divers can practice belly flying, free flying, sky boarding, and even the new birdman suit. When your parachute opens, you will peacefully float down from 5000 feet, lasting a total of seven minutes. The entire experience will last about two hours, but your schedule may be adjusted according to the weather.

Another great Miami option is Skydive Miami, a facility that welcomes both beginners and experts. This highly reliable organization is a certified group member of the United States Parachute Association (USPA) and all their instructors and jump maters are licensed by USPA and have all achieved the highest ratings awarded. With over 70 years of skydiving experience and thousands of satisfied customers, you will be sure to have a once in a lifetime experience.

Finally, Superflight is a great option for your Miami skydiving adventure. Unlike the other two options, Superflight allows participants to fly in a wind tunnel, so it’s a great way to get the full skydiving experience without the often-frightening element of jumping out of a plane. The wind tunnel generates over 120 mph winds, so you can fly up to 10 feet above the ground. This experience is particularly friendly for skydiving enthusiasts of all ages — children as young as four years old can participate in this safe, exciting experience! All flight experience last about 40 minutes. No previous experience is required, but all participants will go through a required registration, gearing-up, and briefing prior to taking flight.