Best Thai Restaurants in South Beach Miami

No, Miami Beach isn’t just about amazing Latino food; we also have a great lineup of some of Florida’s best Thai restaurants. So if you’re hanging out for a hit of Thai while you’re in Miami, hunt down one of these great restaurants to sate your hunger.

thai food miami

Ricky Thai Bistro

The perennially packed Ricky Thai Bistro rarely has a free table for a reason. This unassuming hole in the wall is a bit of a local secret, with its simple interior and basic furnishings. The menu is likewise cut and dry, offering a fairly stock standard line up of standard Thai dishes. When the food arrives though, you’ll understand why locals can’t get enough of this place. Ricky Thai Bistro prides itself on only using fresh, authentic ingredients; and it really shows. Their soup dishes are particularly good, such as their Tom Yum Kai and Tom Kha Goong. They also do a mean Pad See Ew.

Sriracha House

Another hole in the wall, Sriracha House has garnered a bit of a cult following among its predominantly hiper-esque clientele. It’s also the kind of place you’re likely to find yourself at 3am, starving and desperate for a noodle hit. Admittedly, the quality of the food lacks behind most other contenders on this list, with most meals here being fairly straight-forward, no nonsense affairs. Having said that, Sriracha House scores big points for its incredible value for money. The sprawling portions of noodles press those flimsy take-out boxes to the seams, and the prices per meal are considerably lower than what you’d expect nowadays in Miami. Plus, service is fast, largely thanks to their exclusive focus on noodle dishes. The deal here is that you construct your meal from the ground up, picking noodles and mixing and matching ingredients. Alternatively, you can always stick to one of their classic dishes, all of which hit the spot when you’re craving quantity over quality.

Lung Yai Thai Tapas

Thai what? That’s right, Miami is home to one of the 21st Century’s most important inventions: that tapas. This eclectic place serves up a multitude of tasty Thai treats in bite-sized volleys of flavor. Be warned though; Lung Yai has a strict, somewhat odd ordering system. You’ll need to be prepared to order basically on arrival, so make sure to familiarize yourself with the menu on the way.


Asian fusion restaurants are a dime a dozen around Miami, but NaiYaRa stands out thanks to its passion and pure personality. Their, chef, Piyarat Potha Arreeratn, imbues every dish with his boisterous and hospitable personality. Everything is bold, punchy and – above all – fun. Some highlights here include the red snapper dishes, the kimchee glaze salmon and the sea bass in green curry. Alas, all this comes at a cost. NaiYaRa is noticeably on the expensive side.

Siam Palace Restaurant

A local classic, Siam Palace is one of those places to always keep in the back of your head when all else fails. Sure, there’s nothing overwhelmingly impressive here, but Siam Palace always offers a reliable experience. Service is good and quick, while the food is solid quality and exceptional quantity for prices that are pretty hard to complain about. For a unique experience, try their traditional-style Thai coffee.