The Best Massages for Couples in South Beach. Where?

One of the best qualities of South Beach is the relaxation that this beach can offer, with deep blue waters and beautiful sunsets- but sometimes we’re just looking for a little bit more, aren’t we? And what better way to relax to the fullest than with a massage? Better than that, a couples massage! Not only is it relaxing and freeing, but also romantic. Did you know that a couples massages help you reconnect with your partner? Life nowadays can be a little bit hectic and sometimes couples can have a hard time finding some time to be alone, yet during a massage session people tend to focus their attention to the present moment, instead of thinking what they have yet to do or what not.  By being fully engaged in the same activity together in such a relaxing ambient can help couples reconnect and have time just for themselves. So, couples massages sound great, don’t they? And we know where you can get the best massages for couples in South Beach!

 Uhma Spa

One great place where you can get an amazing couples massage is Uhma Spa, an urban sanctuary with a non-toxic and eco-friendly environment. Uhma Spa is known for using only natural and organic products, and for its outstanding team of therapists that evaluate your needs and help you decide the best treatment- and then customize it for you. The most famous massage at Uhma Spa is the “Sabai Herbal Ball Massage”, which consists of a gentle hand massage and stretch, then they work on your energy points from head to toe with warm Healing Herbal Balls. These balls help relieve muscle and joint pain, increase blood circulation, relax and soothe the mind, leaving you in a complete state of bliss. The prices at Uhma Spa for couples start at $238 for 50 minutes, and can go up to $330 for 80 minutes. Uhma Spa is located on 726 6th Miami Bleach 33139, and you can make appointments by calling (305) 696 – 0996. Finally, in their website you can find more information about the spa itself, and what kind of massages they offer.
best massage for couples south beach

Ritz-Carlton Spa

Another great option for couples massages is the internationally famous “The Ritz-Carlton Spa”, located on 1 Lincoln Road 33139. “The Ritz-Carlton” Spa offers a variety of soothing treatments inspired by the ocean, with elements such as rich minerals, sea salt, algae, and water. “The Ritz-Carlton Spa” addresses the individual needs of each guest with comprehensive programs, giving you the chance to experience treatments designed to perfectly prepare you for a night out on South Beach. A couples massage in this Spa starts at $330, and it offers a wonderful experience shared with a loved one or friend in the couple’s massage room for two. The spa opens seven days a week, and you can make your appointment to the following number (786) 276-4090 or through their website.

best massage for couples south beach


Feeling Like Getting Pampered?

There are several other spas in the area, some cheaper, others  fancier…but these two keep getting great reviews by everyone who goes there. At out boutique hotel in South Beach we can reserve a spa session for you and your partner, or how about throwing in a dinner reservation for later that night? We’re all about making your stay one you will not forget!