The Cheapest Transportation from South Beach to Fort Lauderdale: Shuttles, Taxis and All You Want to Know

Fort Lauderdale Beach (FLL) is one of the largest cities in Florida, known for its beaches and extensive network of canals. It is often referred to as the “Venice of America” and is a must visit destination if you are in South Beach! South Beach is only 37 miles away from FLL, and there are multiple ways to get to FLL: shuttles, taxis, buses, train… However, navigating Florida can be difficult, especially for the uninitiated one, and you can encounter different surprises (including the not-good kind!). Luckily for you we have narrowed them all to the three fastest, easiest and most efficient options that will save you the trouble and get you on your way.

south beach to fort lauderdale

By Train: Try the Tri-Rail

Begin by checking out the Tri-Rail commuter public train , which can take you not only to FLL, but also to Hollywood and other destinations in Broward and Palm Beach Counties. Their website allows you to check all the departures and arrival times of the route you wish to take, as well as allowing you to get a fare estimate either as a one way trip or as a round trip. The page also provides you with a useful map where you can find all the stops the Tri-Rail offers, to make it easier for you to spot which one is the closest to you.

Share a Taxi

Now, taxis can sometimes be more comfortable than a public train, which leads us to our second favorite option: A normal taxi from FLL (airport) will charge you about $67-$72 for the 30-mile trip to Miami, however, cabs accept up to five people at no additional charge, which means you can travel with your friends and split the fee, or you can get with some other people who are going to the same place and split the fee, making your trip less expensive and still comfortable. Want to know the approximate cost of your trip anywhere? Check out and you’re set!

How About a Shuttle?

Our third option is Go Airport Shuttle,  a shared van that leaves from/to FLL Airport. With Go Airport Shuttle you can expect to pay about $21-$23 to Miami, or $11-$19 to destinations in Fort Lauderdale from FLL. They also offer luxury sedan transportation for up to four people, which makes it a way better option, or you can choose the private car/SUB option, with no need for reservation. All you have to do is locate one of their Customer Service Representatives at the airport (they wear white shirt with “GO Airport Shuttle” in green on the back), you just have to let them know your destination and what service you are interested in and you’ll receive immediate assistance. Visit their webpage where you can find more detailed information of the services they offer, as well as the prices ranges of the different options, and to book the taxi service so there will be a car waiting for you the moment you get off the plane!

One Way Car Rental

As simple as it sounds, perhaps you might just want to rent a car one way just to get to South Beach. Public transportation from South Beach to Fort Lauderdale is not as convenient as one might think so perhaps renting a car for the day could be the answer to your problem. You should be able to get one for around 35 USD/day and another 4 USD in gas. You might need to get a taxi from the car drop off location to your destination unless you’re going to the airport, but it would be the easiest way.

The Cheapest Option (but it takes time)

You can always take a bus from South Beach to MIA, then the Tri-Rail to FLL and then a bus into town if you’re looking to be frugal. It is cheap, but as we mentioned before, it will take a long time.

What Do We Recommend?

If you can, your best bet is to share a taxi . It will save you money, take less time, and you’ll get to meet other travelers along the way!  We want to help our guests enjoy their stay at our boutique hotel in South Beach , and helping you find the cheapest transportation from South Beach to Fort Lauderdale airport or town is just another way we make them enjoy their stay. Have you checked out our hotel?