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Miami Beach HotelsSouth Beach in Miami has a reputation emulating style and status. The beautiful sandy beaches and warm Florida breezes make this a year round destination offering fun-filled boating opportunities.

Among the dozens of hotels in this area one stands out as special. It is simply and elegantly called the Red South Beach Hotel. The name is evocative of what this amazing hotel has to offer. It provides a journey into another dimension of reality that only those with a penchant for passion and excitement dare to enter.

This is a hotel for the young at heart who are not satisfied with the predictability of what most hotels offer. Art aficionados will appreciate the large format paintings hung throughout the hotel in tribute to the Masters of centuries ago. The paintings are displayed on classic white walls which blend into a monochromatic assemblage of white furniture, curtains, and floor space. This classic shade serves as a backdrop to accents of the passion of red applied like a painter with their brush here and there throughout the hotel.

This boutique hotel Miami comes alive with red, white, gold and hints of natural woods. Room after room will surprise and enchant. The hotel is for those who seek the unexpected and the adventurer who is looking for intrigue and edginess while supplying their creature comforts with sensory delights. Dining and sleeping are provided in unorthodox venues.

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Bedrooms and dining areas have been selectively designed and placed around the swimming pool. The calming effects of water permeate the dining and sleeping experience in a novel new way. There is no defined age for the young at heart. Youth is defined as keeping one’s mind open to new experiences and not prejudging. The young at heart seek the unknown with a sense of positive adventure. They hold caution to the wind and prefer to let their hair blow freely in the breeze rather than to tie it back under a cap.

The client is king and queen at this Miami luxury boutique hotel. They can easily escape the noisy stressful outside world and enter a visually beautiful sanctuary where art, comfort and the better things in life reign supreme. Before checking into any of the other South Beach hotels, it is highly recommended to check out this gem of accommodation in the middle of paradise.

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