The Rise of Boutique Hotels in South Beach

If you’ve ever stayed in one of Miami’s boutique hotels in South Beach, you will have noticed the chic styling. Boutique hotels are known for their individual and quirky nature. Each one being unique in its own right. The less formal atmosphere and personal touch is what sets boutique apart from the big “box store” like counterparts.

Boutique Hotel MiamiThe term “boutique” came about in 1984 in New York when a man named Steve Rubell described his new hotel “Morgans” on Madison Avenue as more like a boutique than a big department store. Rubell and his partner, Ian Schrager, started a trend that has spread from New York to Europe and here to hotels in South Beach.

As the trend for smaller, unique hotels spread, entrepreneurs began converting buildings into boutique hotels. In Europe, historical buildings were refurbished and converted. One was even built from a corn mill. London’s Soho Hotel was once a car park.

What sets Miami boutique hotels apart from their giant counterparts is they will normally have less than a 100 room capacity. Each room will have its own look and feel. You won’t find another one just like it in another city and it will have an elegance about it you won’t find in one of the big, box hotels. Each hotel is a work of art… a masterpiece in its own right.

South Beach Hotel RoomsMiami’s boutique hotel industry has grown steadily since the 80’s. The pastel lined boulevards give the area its unique look and feel, with millions of tourists a year filling the canvas, basking in the Sun and enjoying the excellent lifestyle and weather. Interspersed between the large chain hotels, you will certainly find your own work of art in a Miami boutique hotel.

The great thing about boutique hotels in South Beach is that the prices range from the inexpensive to the extravagant. You don’t have to pay an emperor’s ransom to have the unique experience of staying at boutique hotel. If you are looking for a great deal, you will find it. If you want to be completely pampered, you have many gorgeous and unique Miami boutique hotels to choose from.

So, the next time you stay in Miami, look at one of the many historical boutique hotels and find the work of art that is right for you. Paint yourself into the lifestyle and make long lasting memories.

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