Top 4 Vegan Restaurants in Miami Beach

Florida is not the first state you would think of when it comes to vegan living, but Miami Beach is slowly becoming a vegan paradise. Locals and visitors are increasingly asking for vegan meals in Miami restaurants and to meet this demand, chefs are inventing vegan diets and re-engineering classic meals to appeal to the growing vegan population.

Sumptuous creations from some of the restaurants are proof that vegan meals don’t have to be boring and below we highlight the best vegan restaurants in Miami that you should try out if you are looking to make the shift to plant-based meals.

vegan restaurants south beach

  1. Full Bloom

Owned by vegans, Full Bloom is the first totally vegan restaurant to be set up in Miami Beach. The restaurant prepares delicious meals from organic ingredients that have been sourced locally. A contemporary and sleek dining room provides patrons with a wonderful setting to enjoy their meals. Full Bloom’s menu features French, Italian, Mexican, and Latin inspired cuisines and this makes it the perfect spot to experience other cultures. The truffle farro risotto served at the restaurant is to die for. Other meals that are popular at the restaurant include buckwheat pancakes, chickpea omelets, and their superfoods salad.

  1. Plant Miami

The Plant Miami is an upscale establishment that serves raw vegetable dishes to vegans. Organic ingredients are manipulated to create tasty meals that even non-vegans will enjoy. The ambiance at the restaurant is just great and the expertly crafted dining rooms create the perfect environment for you to enjoy your beet tostada, avocado lime tarts, coconut dumplings or watermelon salads. If you are looking for an upscale vegan dining experience, then the Plant Miami is the place to be.

  1. Vegetarian Restaurant by Hakin

The Caribbean-inspired meals at this restaurant are out of this world. Vegetarian Restaurant by Hakin offers a delicious dining experience by re-working classic meals to create wonderful delights for its vegan clientele. Clients can have their meals customized to suit their dietary preferences and this is another thing that has made the restaurant a hit with locals. Vegan fish and vegan chicken nuggets are some of the delicacies that you can enjoy at the restaurant and if you want something light, then you can try their juices that are packed with superfoods.

4. Planta South Beach

Planta South Beach is run by the business mogul David Grutman and it is one of the best restaurants that you can visit for a delicious vegan dining experience. The menu is packed with expertly prepared vegan dishes that will leave you asking for more such as Thai salads, lettuce wraps, cauliflower tots, and raw ceviche. Chefs can customize your meal to your liking and this is one of the reasons why the restaurant is always full.