Vegetarian, Vegan and Gluten Free Restaurants in South Beach

Finding a good vegan or gluten free restaurant in Miami can be a difficult task, with most of them offering  granola and tofu. But who said vegetarian/vegan food can’t be delicious? Miami has some great restaurants that offer not only meatless food, but also delicious and great-looking dishes that will satisfy not only the veggies, but anyone who tries them.  Everyday there are more vegetarians and vegans, be it for health or ethical reasons, and the market is growing to fulfill everybody’s needs. Here are our favorite vegeterian, vegan and gluten free restaurants in South Beach:

vegeterian vegan gluten free restaurants in south beach

Vegetarian & Vegan Restaurants in South Beach

Juice and Java is a wonderful café aimed for those who treat their bodies well and, even though they seek health, they do not want to sacrifice taste. Juice and Java offers a vegetarian and organic menu with a lot of different  healthy and delicious options. If you’d like to take a peek at what they have to offer, you can

vegeterian vegan gluten free restaurants in south beach check their menu here. You can find Juice and Java on 1346 Washington Avenue in Miami Beach, or you can call for delivery at (305) 531-6675.

Another option for both vegans and vegetarians is Bobby’s Meals. Here you can find a few of the options they have to offer, all the items on the menu freshly made. Bobby’s Meals is located on 2109 Opa-Locka Blvd. Not only do they have delicious different options for everyone, but it is also not expensive, making it affordable to everyone. Bobby’s Meals offers breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Choices Organic Café is a vegan restaurant that uses the finest high quality organic ingredients- you can see their menu here. They also offer the option of ordering online. Choices Organic Café is a 100% plant based sustainable restaurant. Not only they offer delicious food, but they are also committed to the environment. They have 4 locations: Upper Eastside, Choices Kitchen (Near MIA Airport), Coral Gables, and Coconut Grove.

Vegetarian Vegan and Gluten Free Restaurants south beach And last but not least is Eden in Eden, a French vegetarian food restaurant with many options suitable for vegans. Eden in Eden offers free wi-fi and accepts credit cards. You can find this restaurant on 1248 Coral Wy, open every day except on Saturday. It is not only a vegetarian place but most of the products at Eden in Eden are organic and natural. Eden in Eden offers delivery and take out.

Gluten-free Restaurants in South Beach

You see many different dining options in South Beach, from international cuisine to vegan or low-  fat options. However, there seems to be one particular option that you don’t hear very often: gluten-free.  Be it because you are celiac or merely by personal preference, South Beach has some fantastic gluten-free restaurants  so you don’t miss out on a delicious meal! But be cautious; there are a number of restaurants and diners that are growing their menus with “gluten-free” options, and even though they are gluten-free, they are prepared in the same environment as those that do contain the grain. This can prove dangerous for someone with a celiac disease through “cross-contamination”, the process by which you unwittingly ingest gluten.

One lovely place that is gluten-free is Start from Scratch Bakery, located in 9543vegeterian vegan gluten free restaurants in south beach S Dixie Hwy. Start from Scratch is a 100% gluten-free vegan bakery, where you can find different options, from coffee and muffins, to delicious lunches such as Arugula spinach salad and hummus veggies baked falafel & pita. You can find the entire menu with its prices here. On their website you can also find different recipes for you to try at home and a list of events that are occurring at the bakery.

Another delicious gluten-free restaurant that you definitely have to try is Rosa Mexicano. You can check their options for a gluten-free lunch and gluten-free dinner. Who doesn’t enjoy a delicious guacamole and chips? Rosa Mexicano is located on 900 South Miami Avenue, and it is a beautiful Mexican restaurant decorated with bold, vibrant colors, with an outdoor bar and lounge. For any reservations you can either visit their website or call 786.425.1001.



Sometimes finding a good place to enjoy meat-less, gluten-free food can be hard, but Miami has such a diversity of places and people that you most definitely will be able to find just what you are looking for. Vegetarian and vegan food is so much more than just  vegetables and tofu; it’s a very wide variety of foods, and there are only a few restaurants that offer all these options- it’s only a matter of knowing where to find them! Vegetarian/vegan food is not only healthy, it is also delicious, so we hope you really enjoy this restaurants, and that they are what you were looking for. Do not keep from visiting Miami from the fear of not finding the right food for you and make sure you ask our concierge to help you make the best pick while staying at our boutique hotel in South Beach!