Best Places Where to Wakeboard Near Miami Beach

Best Places Where to Wakeboard near Miami Beach

Miami Beach is an ideal location for water sports activities. Its majestic blue waters are a sight to behold and this is sure to get you in the mood for some water sports action. Wakeboarding emerged long after waterskiing and other water sports but it has taken the industry by storm. Locals and visitors can’t get enough of it and if you are within the region and are looking to ride a wakeboard, we present to you the best wakeboard locations near Miami Beach.

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  1. Miami Watersports Paradise

Miami Watersports Paradise was founded in 2012 by Celine and Franck who are qualified wakeboard coaches. They have a nice training program and excellent watersports equipment making them one of the best wakeboard schools in the region. They have qualified trainers as part of their team and this will make it easy for you to master the tricks of the sport and ride like a pro. Other than wakeboarding, Miami Watersports Paradise also offers Tubing, wake surf, and waterskiing.

  1. Gator Bait Wakeboard School Miami

The Gator Bait Wakeboard School is located on the Key Biscayne area and it has all the facilities that are required for wakeboarding. Members of the school get to use Hyperlite wakeboards, Wetsuits, and O’Neill Life vests that make it easy to understand the lessons and have a good time. They offer wakeboarding, wake surfing waterskiing, and wake skating behind their new Super Air Nautique G25 that was launched in 2018. The school has a proper wakeboarding curriculum and this makes it the perfect establishment to improve your riding skills. They have 3 riding locations that are used alternatively depending on the direction of the wind so as to ensure that riders wakeboard in the best conditions.

  1. Miami Watersports Complex

The Miami Watersports complex is another great location to consider if you are looking for a place to wakeboard near Miami Beach. It contains a 90-acre fresh water facility located in Amelia Earhart Park. They offer riding lessons to those who are trying the sport out for the first time as well as expert wakeboarders who are looking to boost their riding skills. MWC has 2 full-sized cable systems that have been designed in the latest technology to make it easy for riders to have a good time. They also have all the gear that you will need to make your wakeboard excursions a success.

  1. Miami Wake Academy

The Miami Wake Academy is located at the Key Biscayne area which is one of the best locations for watersports. The academy is small in size and this makes it ideal for those who desire a personal and immersive wakeboarding experience. You are assured of spectacular views as you ride your wakeboard and this is another reason to join the academy.

  1. Peconic Watersports Miami

The Peconic Watersports Miami is located in Coconut Groove. They offer watersports riding lessons and charters on their Nautique wakeboard boat that was launched in 2016. Other than wakeboarding, the other water sports that are offered at the facility include waterskiing, tubing, and wake surfing. They offer wakeboarding lessons to beginners and experienced riders.