What to do in South Beach with Teenagers

Miami is a beautiful place, with a wonderful beach and many different activities you can enjoy. However, entertaining a teenager can prove a harder job than pretty much any person with any other age. But, not one to disappoint, Miami has a lot of things you and your teenage children can enjoy  that will become a beautiful memory. And just to be sure you find the right one for you and your family we have multiple options from which you can pick your favorite! Learn what to do in South Beach with teenagers to ensure you have a great family holiday.

south beach miami teenagers

Hit the Everglades

If you love the view Miami offers and like the outdoors, we have a great option just for you: an Airboat ride! You will be able to explore Florida’s unique Everglade terrain as you skim across the water and get up close to native wildlife such as the Florida Alligator at Sawgrass Recreation Park Everglades Airboat Adventures. Not only will you have the chance to see this creature up close, but you also will be allowed to hold a baby alligator, feed and interact with animals at Swampyard Island, and check out the Exotic Wildlife exhibit where you can find a new variety of wildlife brought in by Predators Unlimited each day. Also, you can enjoy a live alligator wildlife show and explore the Jungle Walkway at Everglades Safari Park. The price for this unbelievable adventure is  $48 per adult and $41 per children (ages 3-12), and the whole tour takes about 4 to 5 hours. To make a reservation or for any inquiry you can communicate to (877) 643-1258 ( please note that this attraction is not in South Beach).

Laserland Adventure

Now, if you are going for a safe bet we have a great option for you: Laserland Adventure. We have yet to hear about a teenager who doesn’t love laser! Laserland Adventure is one of Miami’s hotspots for teens, and it offers a place where the whole family can enjoy themselves. You can choose between a standard game,or embark on a special mission with the whole family where you can receive special power ups and abilities! The arena is approximately 3000 square feet of highly interactive play area. And, as if that weren’t enough, Laserland Adventure has a lot of fun effects such as fog, black lights, mulyi-levers, and creative decorations. Got hungry? You can enjoy a pizza or some snacks at the in-house café. Just keep in mind that Laserland Adventure does not open on Mondays or Tuesdays, but from Wednesday to Sunday you are good to go. For more information you can visit their main webpage.

Jungle Island

Halfway between South Beach and downtown Miami is this zoo/ wildlife park. There are several ticket options, from 32 USD for a day pass to 600 USD that will let you see and learn about animals in ways you never thought possible. The park is ideal for families with young teenage kids, has a few restaurants where to eat and plenty of resting spots!

Ride a Bike Along the Beach

To make the most of the beach you can enjoy a bike ride along the ocean; the perfect combination of fresh air, exercise, and fun you could probably hope for your teenagers! You can rent a few bikes and pedal around Miami Beach, enjoying the view and the sun and the sea breeze in the best way possible. And, if you don’t know the place you can get a tour and go to the most iconic places of Miami. The price for the bike rental is of $30 dlls, for both children and adults. For more information you can visit the following web

The Vizcaya Museum & Gardens

The perfect place for those who enjoy art and history! We know that sometimes teenagers aren’t big on historical structures, but we can assure they’ll be impressed by the beauty and grandeur of the Vizcaya Museum and its luxurious gardens. The Vizcaya is open daily from 9:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., except from Tuesdays, Thanksgivings and Christmas days. Also, it also is a cheap option with tickets of $18 for adults and $6 for children. For further information you can visit their webpage.

Let Us Help You Enjoy Your Family Holiday in South Beach With Teenagers

Our conveniently located hotel is just one blog from the beach,features an outdoor pool and is uniquely decorated making it attractive not only to adults but families as well. If you’re staying with us make sure you contact our concierge who’ll be happy to update you on any events happening while you’re here so you can enjoy some great family time!