Where to Skateboard In Miami

Skateboarding is fun. For the adrenaline junkie, skateboarding is one of the outdoor activities that will get your heart racing as you ride and perform tricks. It is also a cool way to get from one point to the next and this makes getting a skateboard one of the things that you need to do if you want to step out in style.

To skateboard like a pro, however, you need to practice at a real skate park and in this piece, I present the best venues in Miami for skaters and thrashers to get their skate on.

skateboarding miami beach

  1. Kendell Indian Hammocks Action Sports Plaza

The Kendell Indian Hammocks Action Sports Plaza is a 14,000 skateboarding facility that was inspired by skateboarding paradises such as San Francisco’s Embarcadero and Philadelphia’s Love Park. The park recreates some of the street riding features that skaters prefer for their outdoor adventures such as different sized rails, launch ramps, stairs and hubba combinations. It also features classic skate park features such as the vert wall, bank ramp, and a new version of the mini-ramp for the ultimate skateboarding experience. The park is open throughout the year and skateboards, BMX, inline skates, and scooters are permitted at the park.

2. Westwind Lakes Skate Park

The Sugars Drop Shop Westwind Lakes Skate Park is another great location for your skateboarding adventures. Built by skate park experts Spohn Ranch, this 10,000 square foot recreational park provides some of the best skating in Miami. It has some cool features that will enhance your skating experience such as volcano-shaped obstacles and UFO bank ramps. The rails at the park are great if you are practising for a tournament while the walls and vertical combinations will come in handy when performing tricks.

3. Country Village Action Sports Park

The Country Village Sports Park measures 9,000 square feet and it is open to skateboarders, BMW-ers, and in-line skaters. It combines classic skate park features and street-style obstacles for the ultimate skating experience. It has 2 six-foot quarter pipes and different sized rails that will allow you to get your tricks going. Other amazing skateboarding features include different sized hubbas, manual pads, stairs, and a fun box.

4. Coconut Grove Skate Park

The Coconut Grove Skate Park is a not-for-profit park that provides youngsters with skating practice regardless of their skating experience. The park measures 10,000 square feet and it offers indoor and outdoor skating facilities for beginning and advanced skaters. Skaters without the right equipment can rent facilities at the park such as skateboards and protective gear. The obstacles and street courses are gentle so as to ensure that novice skaters get to enjoy their time outdoors.

5. South Dade Skate Park

At 7,200 square feet, the South Dade Skate Park is smaller in size than the other parks mentioned in this piece but it has some of the best skating facilities in the region. It has a two-box set-up with a kicker, 2-foot quarter pipes, flat rails and an amazing fun box with jersey and hubba barriers. Stairs and handrails at the park encourage you to try different tricks as you skate.