Your love for one another won’t be the only thing that is passionatly red on your honeymoon

Too often the honeymoon ends long before we want it to, so I have a few tips to keep it going,starting with the honeymoon. One of the tips to keep the honeymoon going is to vacation at the right spot and in the right time. The South Beach Chic Hotel, The Red South beach Hotel, and the South Beach Boutique Hotelare excellent choices for anyone who is looking to get away. So let’s first look at why the South beach Chic Hotel is one of just a few prime choices to book your trip at.

When you arrive at the hotel you will be swimming in luxury with bright colors all around. The art deco is very Italian and some of the paintings date back to the 16th century. In fact the hotel gives you a feeling ofboth new world and old world styles. The bedrooms swim in a contrast of bright red and whites. The style itself is very rich in Spanish architecture, with gold postings and trim near the bed. The views offer you something from a Spanish villa and the comfort is everlasting. But that I mean that you will not want to leave. The art and the atmosphere kind of traps you in binds you into this trance that you never want to wake up out of.

Petite QueenNext, we will talk about the Red South Beach Hotel. The Red South Beach is somewhat similiar but it you have more of a South Beach feel. You have those rich red colors and art deco, but as you go out on to the poolside decks you will defintiely feel the sense of being in downtown South Beach. The art decor is a mixture of satin and silk and something that would come out of the student lounge catalog. Art is supposed to be an ecclectic array of tastes and feel and the Red South definitely invites those mixtures in.

And finally we will be looking at the South beach Boutique Hotel. The Boutique gives the feeling that there is an all- night party just waiting to happen, but the hotel itself is class all the way. In South beach there is often an array of music and festivities that surround the hotels. In South beach it is all about the music and where there is music, there is history.

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