Why You Should Live the Red South Beach Hotel Experience At Least Once In Your Lifetime

Isn’t an unexpected getaway far away from home probably the best that could happen to anyone? We feel you. Whether your aim is to light up the sparkle in your relationship, recharge your spirit, or somehow pump up your life, an outstanding stay at an exclusive hotel in an extraordinary city are key points to give you one-of-a-kind experiences, I can assure you that. This is why you’re cordially invited to Red South Beach Hotel in Miami Beach FL, because you deserve a year full of new experiences…and a little vitamin sea, right? So what’s better than choosing Miami as your trip destination? Not anything. The memories here are inexplicable unless others have seen it with their own eyes and felt it with their heart and soul.  This experience means enjoying something extraordinary!

Further down we are going to mention you several aspects of value that make this hotel a distinctive getaway for countless of travelers and honeymooners from all around the world.

The Red South Beach Hotel is located in one of the most historical buildings in the heart of Miami, considered to spice the “Streamline Style” at its finest, a predominant style in architecture and design of the 30s, and yet has this unique influence of Miami’s modern local style, let’s not forget the French flavor that you will taste on certain areas. RED, as the hotel name describes, predominates as a touch of romanticism and chic-modern style with super-sized statements in red making a balance of color with the whiteness that covers the walls and ceilings.

Red South Beach Hotel

If what you’re looking for is a refuge away from home, Red South Beach Hotel can give you memorable experiences in unique spaces that will make you feel in your own private paradise. The designation of “boutique hotel” is a distinction of tasteful decor ranging from the design, location and unique service, this concept was created in the early 80s, and the hotel decided to renovate searching for a unique character and personal style that may offer guests relaxing accommodations and a sense of belonging in the city of Miami.

The accommodations that the hotel will offer to you are comfort spaces surrounded by a casual and chic style and sophistication, where each of the rooms has a different atmosphere and decoration. This gives you a sensation of belonging to a much more personal space that will be your new home in Miami Beach for a night, a week or longer.

As every hotel this level must feature a top-class restaurant that is capable to beat the expectations of any guest and visitor, Red South Beach Hotel has Barok, a trendy restaurant with exceptional continental food that has been one of the fav local dinner spots of numerous Miamians and tourists visiting the hotel. I’m telling you, the food in Barok is able to offer guests new sensations! Plus an outstanding service.

The Red South Beach Experience is absolutely something you must live when you visit Miami Beach, your stay at the hotel will be nothing like you’ll ever live in any other hotel and I tell you this for sure, the personal service offered to you the moment you step in, and the local chic surrounding outside the building is going to beat your expectations of a cool getaway to Miami. And if you want that your pet lives this experience with you, feel free to bring it. Red South Beach Hotel is pet-friendly!